Cut Australian Hardwood Timber with Confidence When You Buy Slabbing Sawmill Equipment for Sale from Hardwood Mills

When it comes to choosing the right sawmill equipment, there are likely a lot of different questions and considerations on your mind From budget to specs to cutting capacity, there are so many various factors that can influence what type of equipment is ‘right’ for your purposes One of the most... ... read more.

Need New Saw Blades for Your GT 26 Sawmill? By a New Saw Blade for Sale at Hardwood Mills

Especially when it comes to cutting Australian hardwood timber, you can’t make do with a dull or failing blade The hardness of Australian timber is unrivalled by almost any other type of wood in any other part of the world With the right sawmill equipment and the right saw blade, you can make... ... read more.

Find a Portable Bandsaw (and Replacement Bandsaw Blades) by Trusting Hardwood Mills as Your Sawmill Guide in Australia

Whether you are shopping for a portable bandsaw or need replacement blades for your existing saw, Hardwood Mills can help We are continually working on our machines with the goal of staying at the forefront of the portable sawmilling industry in Australia Our GT 26 sawmill is an innovative piece of... ... read more.

Metal Saw Blade Supplier Hardwood Mills Provides Excellent Advice and Products

Hardwood Mills Australia has been providing quality sawmills for over ten years Our extensive experience in timber cutting and commitment to customer service is unmatched We understand the challenges associated with Australian hardwoods and work with you to determine the correct metal saw blade for... ... read more.

Providers of Excellent Wood Bandsaw Sharpeners

Having the proper cutting machine and saw blades for Australian hardwoods ensures efficient processing of timber Keeping the blades sharp means less waste The flexing of the bandsaw blade causes the teeth to pull back and causes minute cracks in the gullet bottoms Keeping the blades sharpened and... ... read more.

Bi-Metal Saw Blades Made in Australia

Hardwood Mills Australia has been in the timber cutting business for over ten years Our experience with Australian hardwoods means you get the most innovate cutting machines to process timber All our products are produced in Australia specifically for Australian hardwoods and harsh Australian... ... read more.

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