Whether you are shopping for a portable bandsaw or need replacement blades for your existing saw, Hardwood Mills can help. We are continually working on our machines with the goal of staying at the forefront of the portable sawmilling industry in Australia. Our GT 26 sawmill is an innovative piece of equipment that pairs the convenience of portability with the rugged toughness of a heavy, fixed milling unit. It is the ideal tool for milling Australia’s hardwood timbers.

Find the Right Bandsaw Blades for the GT 26 Sawmill

In addition to selling the GT 26 sawmill to hardwood millers throughout Australia, we also carry bandsaw blades. Our blades, as you might expect, are designed to fit the GT 26 model. In other words, if you are using a GT 26 sawmill currently, you don’t need a bandsaw blade guide to find the right replacement blade. Just purchase a blade (or a package of replacement blades) from our webstore, and you will be all set to keep your GT 26 working as well as it did the first day you bought it.

We often tell our customers to treat their saw blades as they would treat a blade on their chainsaw. A chainsaw, of course, can only do its job if the blade has been sharpened relatively recently. Just as it is important to sharpen your chainsaw on a regular basis, it’s also crucial to keep GT 26 blades sharp. At Hardwood Mills, we stock compatible blade sharpeners to help you get the most out of each blade you purchase. Each time you sharpen your blade, it will be good for approximately two and a half hours of constant cutting time. You can re-sharpen each blade 5-7 times.

The lifespan for our blades is on the high end, especially for Australian hardwood timber, which is extremely hard and difficult to cut. Still, we understand that sharpening or replacing blades can be a hassle. Without proper pre-planning, having to sharpen or replace a blade can easily bring your project operations to a grinding halt. As such, our replacement bandsaw guides will always advise customers to buy multiple replacement blades at once. We sell replacement blades in packages of up to 10 blades together, so it is easy to buy them in bulk.

Bringing three blades into the field for a full day of work will allow you to switch out each blade quickly as it goes dull. That way, you won’t lose valuable time and will be able to maximise your productivity. You can then re-sharpen those blades overnight, to make sure they are ready for another day of fieldwork the next day.

Count on Hardwood Mills for Your Portable Bandsaws, Blades, Sharpeners and Other Accessories in Australia

If you are in the market for a new bandsaw, a bandsaw sharpener or a set of bandsaw blades in Australia, Hardwood Mills can help. Contact us today for assistance finding the right products to suit your needs.

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