To keep your bandsaw in optimum condition and performing efficiently, it must be carefully maintained. One of the most important aspects of this maintenance is ensuring the blades are kept sharp. After using your bandsaw for a prolonged period of time, the blade will naturally become dull and not cut as effectively as it had previously. Instead of replacing the blades, it makes far more sense to invest in a bandsaw sharpener to get far more life out of your existing blades. Here at Hardwood Mills, we sell different types of bandsaw sharpeners to the Australian market dependent on our client’s individual requirements. The 2 options for bandsaw sharpeners are Automatic or Manual with several different types in each category. Below we will explain more about manual and automatic bandsaw sharpeners and the differences between the two:


Manual Bandsaw Sharpeners

A manual sharpener is a more traditional way of sharpening a bandsaw blade. Manual sharpeners operate by turning a handle, with each turn of the handle sharpening one tooth of the blade. Before operating the manual bandsaw sharpener, loose debris and dirt must be removed from the blade. Manual bandsaw sharpeners are typically cheaper than automatic however can be a little more time-consuming. Manual STD machines are for straight blades only while Manual MSA sharpeners come with a bevel-blade sharpening capability also. Manual bandsaw sharpeners can be popular in rural areas where power sources are not readily available or for hobbyists who don’t need to sharpen the blades too often.


Automatic Bandsaw Sharpeners


Automatic bandsaw sharpeners are exactly as they sound. Controlled by cutting edge electronic operating systems, automatic machines track how many times the blade has gone around the sharpener and thus shut it down once the blades are at a pre-determined optimum sharpness level. As with the manual machines, Automatic STD sharpeners are for straight blades only while Automatic MSA sharpeners can cater for sharpening bevel-blades too. Automatic sharpeners are slightly more expensive than their manual counterparts however the machine effectively does all the work for you so while it needs to be supervised while in operation, it saves you time tending to the sharpening duties yourself. Automatic bandsaw sharpeners are pretty much a necessity for anyone using their bandsaw as part of a commercial operation.

Here at Hardwood Mills we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of bandsaws, bandsaw sharpeners and all accessories associated with bandsaws. Give us a call or drop us an email today to speak to a friendly bandsaw expert who will be able to advise on the best products on the market for your individual bandsaw needs!

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