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DinoSaw Bandsaw Setter (Blade Setting Machine)

The patented DinoSaw Bandsaw Setter (Blade Setting Machine) makes the perfect companion to the Dino Profiler allowing you to fully optimize the performance of bandsaw blades either in the field or workshop. Extremely quick processing.

At up to 100 teeth per minute means the Dino Saw Bandsaw Setter can accurately reset a raker style blade in under two minutes. It can cope with blades up to 55mm (2 1/8″) wide and needs no adjustment when changing between blades of different thickness. The unique clamp mechanism ensures the blade is securely held at each tooth and prevents over advancement even when used at high speed.

Simple operation. Rotating the handle indexes three teeth for every turn, setting one left, one right and leaving the raker tooth alone. The amount of set is accurately determined by screws in the setting yolk and measured with the setting gauge supplied.

The Dino Saw Setter weighs less than 10kg and can set raker style teeth between 0-28mm pitch in a single pass. No need to set both sides individually – just fit the blade and turn the handle. The all-steel construction with hardened cams and ball bearings ensure a long service life. Regular setting cams are also available.

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