GT26 Deluxe Bi-Metal Saw Blade


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GT26 Deluxe Bi-Metal Saw Blade

Lennox bi-metal saw blades are perfect for the GT26 Deluxe Sawmill.

Cutting time is approx. 18-24 hrs using ironbark. Can be sharpened up to 7 times.

Treat your blade as you would a chain saw chain, don’t let it get blunt!

Use your blade for approx. 2.5hrs and resharpen. If you want to work for a full day take three blades with you and give them a re-sharpen that night and you are good for the next day.

Re-sharpening time for one blade is approx. 20mins.

*Extra GT26 deluxe blades can be purchased from us for $119 each.

See our GT26 Portable Sawmill 

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions80 × 50 × 17 cm


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