Australian Designed Portable Sawmills

For portable sawmills, the only choice is Hardwood Mills Australia.
Designed in Australia, for Australian Hardwoods. 

Australian Engineered Portable Sawmills

Hardwood Mills Australia is dedicated to providing people who want to mill wood with Portable Sawmills engineered to the highest calibre of any portable sawmill on the market.

Designed in Australia, for Australian Hardwoods.

Guaranteed to cut all Australian Hardwood.

Service orientated, family owned business.

Australian Designed Portable Sawmills

Quality Australian Made Sawmilling Products

We offer a range of true blue Australian made products. Including our Australian made cant hooks,  an indispensable tool for any one wanting to use a portable sawmill. Also our portable sawmill trailers, which make our sawmills truly portable, are road registrable and ADR compliant (Australian Design Rules), meeting national standards for vehicle safety. At every level of our business we make every effort to have our products manufactured within Australia and are always working to expand our Australia made range.


Australian Made Cant Hook

Log Loading and Rolling Ramp

Drive Away Package

Fully assembled Portable Sawmill on trailer, road registered and ready to go.

GT26 sawmill
GT34 sawmill

Our Online Store for Sawmilling Enthusiasts

Hardwood Mills Australia can provide you with all your sawmilling needs. Our own Australian designed and engineered portable sawmills, are the only portable sawmills on the market today that can reliably cut ALL Australian hardwoods. We also offer an ever-growing range of sawmilling related equipment and accessories.

Our products include Australian Made Cant HooksPortable Sawmill BladesBlade SharpenersBlade Setting Machines and more. Hardwood Mills Australia stands behind our product range with a 3-year commercial warranty on all of our engines and 12 months warranty on all other products.

GT26 Deluxe Portable Sawmill

GT34 Deluxe Portable Sawmill

deep cut portable sawmills

Our portable sawmills have a massive advantage over all other portable bandsaw sawmills available on the Australian market.

The massive clearance over the blade, of 18” (457mm) has many advantages.

The deep cut enables you to mill oversized logs with no chainsaw trimming, as well as mill unusual shaped logs with ease.

The deep cut also allows the mill to cut tension out of logs similar to a bench or break down saw.

Another advantage is the ability to quarter saw your valuable and exotic timbers.

The best way to mill Australian hardwood is with one of the portable sawmills designed and engineered by Hardwood Mills Australia.

18" of clearance over the blade or
457mm for big logs
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Portable Sawmill Demonstrations

Hardwood Mills Australia regularly attends agricultural shows and other exhibitions throughout different regions of Australia to showcase our portable sawmills and other sawmilling machinery.

View our demonstration webpage to see when we will be in your area next. You can also contact Hardwood Mills Australia to arrange a private demonstration at our factory.